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A few years ago in the middle of moving homes my wife and I struggled to find quality moving boxes at affordable prices in Melbourne. We paid a fortune for flimsy boxes that required meters of tape to hold together or had to source different items from many different online stores.

We realised shopping for a bargain was very time consuming and not the greatest use of time in the middle of a move.

In the mayhem of moving, we didn’t have time to wait weeks to source these items and ended up paying and arm and a leg for the moving supplies we needed.

However, this story has a silver lining! We saw there was a gap in the market and endeavored to start this company with the vision it would be a one stop shop for all Australians needing packaging supplies at the best value.

Our baby Snap Pack was born and watching this company grow has been beyond words!

From humble beginnings in a garage, we now provide Australian’s with not only packaging supplies but have expanded our product line with Art & Craft supplies.

We appreciate all of our customers and strive to do our absolute best to make the experience easy, convenient, and enjoyable.

We want to provide you with exceptional quality products for best value and at the click of a button. Our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE on every item is our promise to deliver the best value to our customers.