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Tissue Paper Ream 500 SHEETS VARIOUS COLORS 510mmx760mm 21gsm- High Grade


Acid Free Paper is multipurpose, perfect for use as a packaging material, in arts and crafts & as a gift wrap. It is made using recycled materials which also makes it an environmentally conscious choice.

Uses: Wrapping any item before packing. Scrunching to fill voids, wrap food and also to pad the top and bottom of boxes

Specs: 1 x Acid Free Tissue Ream 500 Sheets 510mm x 760mm 18GSM Pick the desired color below (Mixed Colors not Available )Lime,  Light Green,  Green,  Avocado,  Light Yellow,  Yellow,  Orange,  Pink,  Candy Pink,  Shiraz,  Red,  Violet, Lilac,  Light Blue,  Dark Blue,  Vanilla, Coffee, Tangerine, Chocolate, Black

You can place your message for the color desired in 'note to seller' section, when buying.

Commercial Invoice supplied with every purchase.

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